The Piedmont Breed

The birth of “Il Fassone”

The Piedmont “Fassone” is part of the Piedmont breed, the most important Italian native breed of cattle.

The term “Fassone” comes from the French “façon” which means “model”, a term used to indicate cattle characterised by hypertrophic muscular masses.

The first historical locators of the Piedmont Bovine Breed date back to 1886 when a natural genetic mutation occurred on a bovine animal in Guarene d’Alba, which is the basis of the “double croup” character i.e. of the muscular hypertrophy of the Piedmont breed.

In 1932 a standard breed was defined which consisted of the triple attributes (milk, meat, work), but since 1976 the selection developed to specialise only in the production of top quality beef: tender, lean and with low fats but high nutritional quality (unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and omega–6) and a very low level of cholesterol.

Tender and lean

The main feature of the famous Piedmontese bred meat is its incomparable tenderness. This, together with quality is exactly what consumers are looking for. We claim that there is no better beef of other breeds.
Furthermore we offer the leanest and tastiest cuts with a very low fat content.
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