Barone Meats

Barone butcher, founded in 1980 by Antonino works professionally and with experience to offer his clients products of quality. But what is quality according to the new owner Enzo who took over his father’s business in 2000?

Quality is to taste meat supplied by breeders whose animals are fed and reared in the best way. The attention to “zero Kilometre” and the clarity of the source are fundamental for the discerning client.

To see satisfied customers is proof that Barone Meats’ methods are correct: to be a good butcher, to appreciate the value of local produce, to be the first and foremost customer, and to advise clients are all important factors.

It is like a social responsibility for Enzo: meat is an important food and must be healthy, fresh and certified.

Our Meat

Only quality meat

The prime product at Barone Butchers is the Piedmont breed beef, however Barone Meats also offers pork, poultry and lamb:
all our meat is fresh, healthy and from certified sources.

Over the years, Barone Meats has understood market supply and demand and only supplies products that will satisfy client needs.
One can find fresh professionally prepared red and white meat, vacuum packed, cooked or raw. And, for those who have no time to cook, there are also pre-cooked meals for those customers who want to enjoy a readymade and healthy product.

We offer various types of meat from the “fantastic four”: beef, pork, poultry or lamb, but can also provide game on request


chicken, turkey, rabbit, capon. A light, nutritious and easily digestible meat.


adult “bue grasso” (a castrated bull that is butchered at 5 years) or veal, any cuts that you request can be prepared. Offal is also sold. All our meat is certified and comes from piedmontese farms. Top quality, tasty and tender meat.


all cuts of pork and sausages. A tasty and tender meat with the right balance of quality and nutritional value.


lamb, goat kids, mutton. One of the tastiest, tender and nutritional meats. This is also sold ready cooked.


boar, quail, pigeon, duck. The "wild side" of the taste of the meat as it is found in nature.